The Companionship of Wind

“Art is harmony parallel with nature.” Paul Cezanne

“Why do you draw farms?” I’ve been asked many times and I don’t have a pat answer. I could explain that I love all the different shaped buildings that sit nestled into the landscape, surrounded by trees as a windbreak, the peacefulness, the sounds of animals, the companionship of the wind, the air of industry, honesty, hard work, love. But most people don’t understand. If I give them my whole answer, I see their eyes glaze over, I see them lose interest after couple of sentences. So I end up saying something like, “I think farms are pretty.” And they smile and nod and say “Cool,” but have no real understanding of my motivation. And sometimes emotion defies logic. We love what we love, we feel what we feel. Trying to explain art is like trying to explain why we cuddle with babies. It’s a feeling that’s both complex and simple at the same time. It fills us up inside. It feeds us in a way that nothing else does. It allows us to touch a part of people that is otherwise inaccessible. It allows us to be a colorful part of the human experience.

I drew the sketch for this painting south of Edmonton on a warm summer day. I was a couple of months pregnant, not enough to be uncomfortable, just enough to be frightened of what might happen in the future. My young husband was outside of the car doing tai chi in the ditch alongside the country road. We went on many trips like this, driving in the country with no real idea where we were going, only stopping when I saw the perfect composition. And I do love this composition. The way the lines of the plowed field worms over the uneven landscape, the earthy road, the fence posts at different heights, the small windmill, the red barn. This sketch became one of my favorite paintings ever. And in the painting, every color that vibrates against another is love, And every line that gracefully curve around a shape is love. And that’s what I want to create. I want people to feel the love I have inside, the naked, raw, embarrassing truth of who I am deep down, my own gratefulness for this gift of life. 

The video below shows the time lapse drawing of this artwork

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15 thoughts on “The Companionship of Wind

    1. Of course. My son is gay and we’ve had all kinds of people over at our home over the years. Most of them have gravitated towards my friendly, outgoing little boy. Trans people, gay people, questioning people. Lots of different people who are lost and just looking for a friendly hand to hold onto.

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      1. it’s truly revolutionary. Even today parents don’t support inter religious or inter racial merrage. At this time a mother is supporting her son for his homosexual relationship is truly thought provoking…. .

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      2. I remember when he told me and I was so sad. For about a month I cried every day. And then I realized that he never gave me anything but happiness and that happiness was still there.

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      1. Your paintings are very beautiful…. Have you ever attended in competitions?My parents are more interested in paintings and books, they always says that that both of this have some inner meaning to convey and it’s a symbol of culture and identity of society…….The most interesting thing I have seen is body paintings it’s very interesting Do you know about body paintings?🤔🤔

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      2. I think you can contribute on this field also your talents must recognised…. ? Through your contents and pictures I have understood your very brilliant…… I think you can do this

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