A Sweet Cup of Paradise

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Leonardo da Vinci

I began sketching years ago, long before I realized which direction my life would take. A couple of years ago I began looking at all my old sketches and realized how complex they really are, like I had never given them the credit they deserve. But more importantly, what I found was a visual diary of my life, a record of the places on this earth where my feet have walked. And I saw the footsteps of someone interesting.

Most of the drawings were made on napkins or poorly cared for coil back notebooks that were disintegrating. I had to rescue them. If I had waited a few years more, I might have lost them. So I began a project to pull them out of the realm of the forgotten and bring them back to life. I started a youtube channel to document the revival of the drawings. And I’d like to share them with everyone. I’m not done yet. I should have a couple hundred videos when I’m finished. 

This drawing, the Milk River Farm was drawn, as the name suggests, just outside of Milk River Alberta. I drew it during a camping trip I took with my younger sister. Most often I drew from the car, carefully positioning it so I could see the most beautiful composition. My sister sat in the front seat with me. She had unending patience when it came to my art.

I love going on trips with my little sister. We always look for out of the way places that are devoid of tourists. We usually stop at Fish Lake Provincial Park outside of Drumheller and we’re often the only people there. Such a lonely place. It feels like the end of the world. A place where the sun rises in the morning as a long lost friend. We always bring specialty coffees and every morning we light the propane stove to make a sweet cup of paradise to sit in the company of the air and earth. 

This sketch was drawn during one of these trips. We had awakened and gone to Drumheller for breakfast. We were eating bacon out of styrofoam containers. The world sparkled, droplets of water from the rainfall the night before, cows mooing in the background waiting to become Alberta beef. My sister and I sat in the car munching on sticks of salty bacon while I sketched.

This is a time lapse video of the drawing

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16 thoughts on “A Sweet Cup of Paradise

  1. I’ve really ben traveling around Alberta with your stories! I’ve even incorporated some of that knowledge into a Lola story, or three, but don’t worry; I’ve been kind with those thoughts. I can see where your stories tell about by using the Internet, but just a name of someplace doesn’t necessarily mean that a mere description can do it justice. I can imagine parts of your stories as you tell them, making the reality of the moment more real than just a description on a random page on the ‘net.

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  2. I might go on Amazon and get some Watercolors and try painting. I won’t be as talented as you are; I know because when I try to draw, my pictures look like a 4 yr old drew it.

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    1. Picasso said it took him his whole life to learn to make art like a child. And it’s never too late to start. There’s always room for more artists. Most artists have done 100 paintings poorly before they get one good one. So don’t get discouraged. I still see people who are far more talented than me. Don’t compare where you are with where they are. You have your own journey.

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